Business Ethics

Together with LEO Pharma’s values, the LEO Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility provides a strong framework for the business ethics in LEO Pharma. 

LEO Pharma’s business ethics form the basis for achieving our vision of becoming the preferred dermatology care partner improving people’s lives around the world. You can read more about our Code of Conduct on this site, where you will also find more information about our work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

LEO Pharma Code of Conduct

LEO Code of Conduct translates our corporate values – Integrity, Customer focus, Innovation, Passion and Adaptability – into consistent actions by addressing and resolving ethical dilemmas and compliance issues arising in our daily work.
We do not compromise our commitment to integrity. Our performance is not only measured by the results we achieve – how we achieve these results is also crucial. We believe that we all have a commitment to do things the right way, and we must all be motivated, empowered and supported to do so.
As a healthcare company with high ethical standards, we take responsibility for our actions. Our Code of Conduct assists us in living up to this responsibility and helps us improve patients’ quality of life. We focus on patient needs and take them into consideration in everything we do.
Compliance with the LEO Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At LEO Pharma, we are committed to improve the lives of people living with skin diseases. And with our foundation ownership structure, we have both a special obligation and a unique opportunity to continue to invest in better care for patients.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy supports our corporate strategy ‘Helping SARAH – LEO towards 2020’ which focuses on putting the patients at the centre of everything we do, and has the overall aspiration of helping more than 100 million people in 2020.
We acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility when providing solutions to help patients, and we aim to be a responsible corporate citizen wherever we operate.
Our approach to what we do is rooted in our CSR strategy and our four strategic CSR pillars:
Environment & Safety
People & Health
Compliance & Ethics
Partnerships & Collaboration
LEO Pharma complies with applicable laws, regulations and international requirements as well as the United Nations Global Compact principles for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption in line with our LEO value of Integrity.