LEO Innovation Lab

LEO Innovation Lab is LEO Pharma’s separate innovation unit, which develops non-pharmaceutical solutions in order to improve the lives of people with psoriasis.


LEO Innovation Lab focuses on all aspects of everyday life that can affect people living with psoriasis – and develops and integrates solutions and services to meet their needs. 
With satellites in Copenhagen, London, Paris and Toronto, LEO Innovation Lab develops apps, digital platforms and other initiatives to support people with psoriasis in areas such as diet and nutrition, health/beauty, family/children, fitness, HCP relations and mental health.
LEO Innovation Lab was established in 2015 for an initial period of three years with 60 Million EUR in funding. The unit operates independently of LEO Pharma with clear success criteria, but with no immediate profit requirements. 
The creation of LEO Innovation Lab reflects LEO Pharma’s strong focus on patient needs – in the firm belief that when we make a real-life difference to people, business will follow.