Our people are united worldwide by common values, which drive our actions – paving the way for our long-term growth and development.

Our values reflect the way we strive to increase the quality of life for patients.

They also reflect the way we aim to co-operate, respect, trust and support each other, act in a trustworthy, dedicated and professional manner and take charge and achieve great results.


We are a responsible company and keep our promises.
We act and communicate in an open, honest and trustworthy way.

Customer focus

We improve the quality of life of people through competitive products and services. To truly understand our customers, we engage in partnerships and dialogue.


We all have a responsibility to innovate and challenge the status quo.
We share and implement our ideas and learn from our failures.


We will be the best. We care about people and take pride in what we do.
We strive to support and inspire others in our efforts to make a difference.


We stay agile in a dynamic world by seeking solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost effective. We seize new opportunities as they arise. 

LEO leadership

LEO Leaders bear a special responsibility when it comes to setting a good example and promoting the LEO values.

LEO leaders

  • lead by example
  • communicate clear objectives
  • motivate, challenge and inspire
  • trust and empower
  • accomplish our goals